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3 September 2012, 19:16

Dr. Tushar Maniar


Free Registration  9619030050 or 9820067487

Free Registration 9619030050 or 9820067487 Email QEDevent@gmail.com






Dear Doctor,

For the first time ever, this October will see a major quizzing event meant exclusively for doctors.

The event is called QED, which is an acronym for Quizzing Entirely for Doctors.

We invite you, in teams of 2, to participate over 3 Sundays of October. All of you who have completed their 3rd MBBS (Interns included) can participate.

We hope to provide a good dose of both information and entertainment.

The event has no entry fees.

For more details and registration please call –
9619030050   or        9820067487   (between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.) both of which connect to my assistants or me.
You can also connect to us on facebook.com/QEDtheMedicalQuiz
or email us at QEDevent@gmail.com


Dr. Tushar Shah
1st August 2012

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