Theory Sept 2011

29 October 2011, 17:19

Dr. Tushar Maniar


Sept 2011








Theory Paper : 100 Marks
Time : 3 Hours
10 Questions

  1. Define biomedical waste, briefly categorize them. Enumerate
    their health hazards. List four important methods for disposal of biomedical
  2. Discuss the risk factors for vertical transmission of HIV
    infection and methods to prevent parent to child transmission of HIV.
  3. Classify causes of acquired pancytopenia. Write briefly
    about the management of acquired aplastic anaemia.
  4. Define SIRS (systemic inflammatory response syndrome).
    Describe mechanisms of Vasodilatory Shock. Write steps in management of Septic
  5. Define hypernatremia. Write in brief about investigation and
    Mx of the same.
  6. Discuss the pathogenesis, differential
    diagnosis and echo cardiographic findings in Kawasaki disease. How is the
    classical KD different from atypical KD?
  7. Write indications and
    complications:     (a)Liver
    transplantation  (b) Hematopoietic Stem
    cell Transplant.
  8. Define primary Amenorrhoea. Discuss
    causes , Lab findings and treatment of Primary Amenorrhoea.
  9. What are the causes of congenital
    Hydrocephalous? Describe the anatomical malformation and clinical features of
    various types of Arnold Chiari Malformation.
  10. Outline the basic principles of sleep
    hygiene for children and adolescents.

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