Theory Paper Nov 2011

26 November 2011, 10:54

Dr. Tushar Maniar


Theory Paper Nov 2011

Theory Paper Nov 2011

Theory Paper

November 2011

Time 3 Hours

10 Questions

  1. 1.Write Approach to a child with Failure to Thrive.
  2. 2.Discuss the evolution and characteristics of WHO
    growth charts. Discuss its implications on the magnitude of malnutrition in
    Indian setting. (3+3+4)
  3. 3.Enumerate Indications of Growth hormone therapy.
    Define Idiopathic Short Stature (ISS). Discuss GH therapy for ISS.(3+2+5)
  4. 4.What are the targets and disease categories under
    RNTCP 2010? Write the DOTS-Plus Regimen for treatment of MDR-TB. How to manage
    treatment interruption of treatment for MDR-TB under DOTS-Plus? (3+5+2)
  5. 5.Define complicated UTI. Discuss evaluation of 18
    month old girl for first episode of UTI. Outline the treatment of Primary
  6. 6.Discuss Immunopathogenesis and Treatment of Acute
    Rheumatic fever.(4+6)
  7. 7.Developmental milestones in first two years of
  8. 8.Write in brief about development of thyroid gland. Discuss
    various newborn screening tests for neonatal hypothyroidism. Outline the
    approach to abnormal newborn screening tests for neonatal hypothyroidism.
  9. 9.Write a note on pathogenesis of Ascites and Approach
    to a child with Ascites in a 2 yr. old child. (4+6)
  10. 10.Write a note on Pre-natal diagnosis and new
    modalities in the management of Beta thalassemia major. (5+5)

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