Theory June 2011

3 September 2011, 23:54

Dr. Tushar Maniar



June 2011
100 Marks
3 Hours

1. Tabulate the following details with regards to Pneumococcal vaccine (PCV), Chicken pox Vaccine and Injectable Influenza Vaccine : a) type of Vaccine, (b) Dose (c) Route (D) appropriate age of vaccination (e) justification of its usage (f) side effects (g) drawback/limitations. (10)
2. Enumerate the diseases covered under National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP). Write Drug treatment (10 kg child) with severe Malaria. Define various “treatment Failure” (2+5+3)
3. Define Hypoglycemia in a newborn. Enumerate causes of Hypoglycemia in a newborn. Discuss Management of resistant Hypoglycemia. (3+4+3)
4. Write algorithm of (IMNCI ) integrated case management process. Write in brief about role of “ASHA” in NRHM(National Rural Health Mission). (5+5)
5. Write a note on newborn screening tests. (10)
6. Enumerate the interventions under NAVJAAT SHISHU SURAKSHA KARYAKRAM (NSSK). Briefly Discuss (a) Thermal protection and (b) Care of neonates while Transport. (2+4+4)
7. Mention BMI classification of children for weight status. Write algorithm for approach to a child with obesity. Enumerate Syndromes associated with obesity. Define metabolic syndrome. (2+3+2+2)
8. Write about Clinical features, Diagnosis, treatment of Vit. C deficiency. What are the sources ( with values) of Vit C. Enumerate possible features of Vit.C toxicity. (2+2+2+2+2)
9. Enumerate causes of Persistent pulmonary hypertension in neonates. Briefly discuss its diagnosis and management. (3+5+2)
10. Define primary Amenorrhoea. Discuss causes , Lab findings and treatment of Primary Amenorrhoea. (10)

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