Theory July 2011

4 September 2011, 00:00

Dr. Tushar Maniar



July 2011

100 marks

3 Hours

1. Draw the coagulation pathway. Describe the treatment and care of a child with Haemophilia. (3+4+3)

2. Classify Primary Immunodeficiency diseases. Draw diagnostic testing algorithm for the same. (4+6).

3. Describe causes and diagnostic approach for a child with Hypercalcemia. Write in brief treatment of malignant Hypercalcemia. (3+4+3)

4. Describe etiology, pathophysiology, treatment and complication of Bacterial meningitis in a 1 year old child. (3+2+3+2)

5. 10 day old neonate brought with H/o Poor feeding, vomiting and drowsiness. How will you approach ( including history, clinical examination and diagnostic tests) this patient? (3+4+4)

6. 12 year old girl is brought with complaints of Fainting 3 times in last 10 days. Discuss differential diagnosis, investigations and treatment.(4+3+3)

7. Define short stature. Enumerate the causes of disproportionate short stature. Mention in brief abnormalities in Achondroplasia. (2+3+5)

8. Clinical features and management of UTI in a 1 year old male child. (3+8)

9. Enumerate pervasive developmental disorders. Mention Warning Signs of Language Problems. Describe etiology and diagnostic criteria Autism. (2+3+2+3)

10. What are trisomies? Discuss clinical features of 3 common trisomies seen in clinical practice. Enumerate Antenatal tests for the commonest trisomy. (2+6+2)

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  1. shobana September 5, 2012 Reply

    Theory papers are very useful for exam preparations
    Need more of theory papers from all topics especially systemwise

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