PSM : Theory Questions of DNB

29 September 2012, 16:18

Dr. Tushar Maniar


PSM : DNB Theory Questions

PSM : DNB Theory Questions

These are Questions on PSM asked in DNB Theory Exams. They are arranged topic wise till 2011.

1 SN – child   health care services provided through child survival and safe motherhood   programe in india. 1995
2 SN   – effects of television watching in children 1995
3 SN   – role of pediatrician in adoption of child 1995
4 Discuss   the basic elements of the AT RISK concept with regard to their advantage and   disadvantages and fallacies if any as they relate to health care of mother   and children 1996
5 SN  child survival and safe mother hood program 1996
6 SN  mangement of sex abused child 1996
7 SN  problems of children of working mother 1996
8 SN   adverse effects enviornmental pollution in children 1996
9 discuss   briefly the major goals for child’s growth and development by 2000 A.D. 1997
10 SN   ICDS scheme 1997
11 SN  reproductive and child health programe. 1998
12 SN   role of health education to adolescents. 1998
13 SN   what measures can reduce birth rate in next five years 1998
14 National   leprosy eradication programme 1999
15 SN  National targets for MCH services 1999
16 SN   pediatric component of RCH programme 1999
17 Discuss   briefly the pediatric components of RCH programme 2000
18 SN   DOTS chemotherapeutic management of tuberculosis in National TB control   programme 2000
19 SN  child abuse 2001
20 SN  health programme of adolescent 2001
21 SN   Essential newborn care in National RCH programme. 2001
22 SN  reproductive child health program aims and   strategies 2002
23 SN   community management of diarrhea and lower respiratory infections with   indications for referral. 2002
24 Discuss   the pathogenesis of CCF and the role of vasodialators  in its management 2005
25 what   are the common causes of blindness inchildren. Discuss steps to prevent   blindness in this age group 2005
26 what   is IMNCI strategy. Discuss the factors in successful implementation of this   strategy. 2005
27 DOTs   regimen and the problems inviloved in the implementation in childhood   tuberculosis 2006
28 factors   affecting adolescent health and development 2006
29 Hospital   waste mangement 2006
30 National   AIDS control programme in preventing childhood AIDS 2006
31 reproductive   and child health programme in India 2006
32 Role   of pediatrician in distaster management 2006
33 National   Rural Health Mission 2007
34 National   Iodine deficiency disorder control programme 2007
35 Define   biomedical waste, briefly categorize them. Enumerate their health hazards.   List four important methods for disposal of biomedical waste. 2008
36 Describe   briefly the principles of IMNCI. Outline the broad steps of case management   process. 2008
37 Describe   the criteria and conditions to be considered in approving newer vaccine in an   immunization programe of developing country. 2008
38 Enumerate   chief causes of neonatal mortality in India. Describe the current status in   India and its  states. Prepare a 5 year   planfor reduction of neonatal mortality rate in your district. 2008
39 List   and define the important public health indicators of mortality in children.   Also discuss their current status in India. 2009
40 Outline   the essential components and principles of IMNCI strategy. Highlight the   cardinal features of case management process of young infants ( <2 months) 2009
41 Define   Under-5 mortality rate. Comment on its current status & etiology in   India. Outline important strategies/programs undertaken by Govt. of India to   improve Under -5 child survival Dec.10 2+2+2+4
42 Provide   algorithms for case-detection & treatment for child with fever, suspected   to have malaria, as per National Vector- borne Disease Control Program : (a)   In an area where microscopy results are available with in 24 hours,& (b)   In an area where microscopy results are not available within 24 hours. Dec.10 5+5
43 Define   complementary feeding. Outline the attributes of complementary foods.   Enumerate the recommendations on complementary feeding, as per the National   Guidelines on infant & Young Child Feeding (IYCF). Dec.10 2+2+6
44 Discuss   the justification for the addition of neonatal component to WHO generic IMCI   programme for making IMNCI strategy. What are the key features of this   strategy? Dec.11 5+5
45 Write   the components, prerequisites & benefits of kangaroo-Mother-Care (KMC). Dec.11 5+2+3
46 Write   short note on National Rural Health Mission. Dec.2009 10
47 What   are the major contributors to the high infant mortality in our country? What   specific areas of infant or / & newborn care can be strengthened to   decrease infant mortality in India. Describe the salient features of the   integrated management of neonatal & childhood illness strategy. Dec.2009 2+3+5
48 Enumerate   the Millennium Development Goals. Describe briefly the National Health   Programs to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDG)  in India. Write the status of India in   relation to health indicators in NHFS-3 June.10 2+4+4
49 Expand   the acronym ‘ASHA’. Outline the functions & remuneration of ASHA. Discuss   the potential impact of ASHA in improving the health status & well being   of a community. June.11 1+4+5

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  1. chintan November 12, 2012 Reply

    fantastic efforts!!
    though I passed DNB ped last year november session i do frequently visit this website
    it also helped me during my preparation
    i found enormous growth in this site at reg. interval
    really great help to DNB pals!!

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