HIV : Theory Questions of DNB

22 September 2012, 15:25

Dr. Tushar Maniar


HIV : DNB Theory Questions

HIV : DNB Theory Questions









These are Questions on HIV asked in DNB Theory Exams till 2011.

SN –   infants of HIV positive mother HIV 1995
SN  HIV and pediatrics HIV 1998
SN prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV HIV 2000
SN Anti retroviral therapy in pediatric HIV infection HIV 2001
SN  prevention of HIV   infection during childhood HIV 2002
factors involved in perinatal transmission of HIV infection and   the various preventive measures HIV 2006
SN Clinical presentations requiring screening for HIV HIV 2007
SN HIV and Tuberculois HIV 2007
Prevention of childhood AIDS HIV 2007
Discuss the risk factors for vertical transmission of HIV   infection and methods to prevent parent to child transmission of HIV. HIV 2009
Enlist the common opportunistic infection in HIV infected   children. Describe the clinical features, diagnosis & management of   herpes simplex infection in HIV infected children. HIV Dec.11
Outline clinical & immunological criteria for staring   anti-retroviral treatment (ART) in a HIV infected child. How will you monitor   a child initiated on ART? HIV Dec.2009 6+4

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