Hematology Theory Questions of DNB

21 September 2012, 15:19

Dr. Tushar Maniar


Hematology & Oncology

Hematology & Oncology









These are Questions on Hematology asked in DNB Theory Exams. They are arranged topic wise till 2011.

1 discuss the   etiology and management of autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Anemia hematolgy 2009
2 Classify   causes of acquired pancytopenia. Write briefly about the mangement of   acquired aplastic anemia. Anemia hematolgy 2009
3 SN  diagnosis and mangement of congenital   heriditory spherocytosis. Anemia hematology 1997
4 SN   severe anemia in first year of life Anemia hematology 2002
5 Diagrammatically   outline the normal coagulation cascade. Outline diagnosis and management of   DIC Coagulation hematolgy 2009
6 SN  antenatal diagnosis and carrier detection   in hemophilia Coagulation hematology 1998
7 SN   Von Willebrand disease Coagulation hematology 2001
8 Discuss   the various aspects of management of a child with hemophillia A Coagulation hematology 2007
9 SN   DIC DIC hematology 1996
10 Discuss   the pathogenesis of DIC and relate it to the laboratory abnormalities   observed in this entity. DIC hematology 2008
11 SN  G6PD deficiency Hemolytic hematology 1999
12 SN   pathogenesis of anemia in G6PD deficiency. Hemolytic hematology 1999
13 List   the common causes of macrocytic anemia. Describe the lag diagnosis of   meglaoblastic anemia and treatment of juvenile pernicious anemia. Hemolytic hematology 2004
14 clinicohematological   profile of megaloblastic anemia Hemolytic hematology 2006
15 heridatory   spherocytosis Hemolytic hematology 2006
16 Discuss   causes, clinical manifestations laboratory findings and treatment  of folate deficiency anemia in children Hemolytic hematology 2007
17 Briefly   outline normal erythropoiesis, Describe the diagnosis & management of   G6PD deficiency. Hemolytic hematology 2007
18 SN  prevention of iron deficiency anemia in   children IDA hematology 1995
19 SN   treatment of iron deficiency anemia IDA hematology 1998
20 SN   biochemical markers for diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia and response to   treatment. IDA hematology 2001
21 Enlist   the causes and outline the D/D and management of Iron deficiency Anemia. IDA hematology 2005
22 List   the causes of microcytic hypochromic anemia. How will you differentiate   between iron deficiency anemia and thallesemia? Discuss briefly the oral iron   chelators. IDA hematology 2008
23 Define   febrile neutropenia & describe the treatment and care of a child with   febrile neutropenia Leukemia infectious   diseases 2008
24 SN  management of CNS leukemia Leukemia hematology 1996
25 SN  treatment and prognosis of ALL Leukemia hematology 1997
26 SN   Current therapy of ALL Leukemia hematology 2005
27 Bone   marrow transplantation in children Leukemia hematology 2006
28 Management   of a child with acute leukemia Leukemia hematology 2006
29 prognostic   indictors in acute leukemia Leukemia hematology 2007
30 Define   tumor lysis syndrome. Enlist its important constituents. Outline its etiology   and describe the management. Leukemia hematology 2008
31 SN  utilty of peripheral blood smear   examination in children Misc hematology 1997
32 SN  GVHD Misc hematology 1999
33 Discuss   the sequence of development of various hemoglobins during fetal life and   outline the clinical relevance of their persistance after birth. Misc hematology 2001
34 SN   diagnosis and management of a 2 year old child with petechial skin rash Platelets hematology 1998
35 SN   management of neonatal thrombocytopenic purpura. Platelets hematology 2000
36 Write   differential diagnosis of a 5 year old child with petechial rash with fever.   How will you manage a child with idiopathic thrombocytopoenic purpura Platelets hematology 2004
37 various   treatment modalities of acute ITP Platelets hematology 2006
38 Alpha   thalassemia. Thal hematolgy 2007
39 SN   current management of Thallesemia major Thal hematology 1996
40 SN   recent concepts in the treatment of Thalassemias in children Thal hematology 1996
41 New   modalities in the management of Beta thalassemia major Thal hematology 1999
42 SN  antenatal diagnosis of thalassemia Thal hematology 1999
43 SN   iron chelation therapy Thal hematology 2000
44 SN   Recent advances in the management of thalassemia. Thal hematology 2001
45 SN   Genetic basis of thalassemia syndrome Thal hematology 2002
46 Ouline   the antenatal management of a mother with an earlier child with thalassemia   major. Thal hematology 2007
47 Discuss   the inherent hazards of blood transfusion in children and the necessary   measures to avoid and minimize them. Transfusion hematolgy 2007
48 List   the causes of microcytic hypochromic anaemia .Provide differentiating   features between iron deficiency anaemia & beta thalassemia trait.   Describe the management of thalassemia major. Thal June.11 3+3+4
49 How   will you classify childhood histiocytosis? Describe the diagnostic criteria,   clinical manifestation & treatment for hemophagocytic   lymphohistiocytosis. What are the infections associated with it? onco Dec.11 2+2+2+2+2
50 Define   tumour lysis syndrome. Describe the pathophysiology of tumour lysis syndrome.   How will you prevent occurrence of tumour lysis syndrome? Onco Dec.11 2+4+4
51 Classify   childhood histiocytosis. Describe the clinical manifestations, diagnosis   & treatment of Langerhans’s cell histiocytosis. Onco June.10 3+3+2+2
52 Clinical   features, investigations & treatment of pheochromocytoma. Onco June.10 3+3+4
53 Outline   the essential components & pathophysiology of tumor lysis syndrome.   Describe its management. Onco June.11 2+4+4
54 Utility   of immunophenotyping in the diagnosis of leukaemia in children. Outline the   treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia ALL Dec.2009 4+6
55 Enlist   the common causes of macrocytic anaemia. Describe the laboratory diagnosis   and treatment of megalobastic anaemia anaemia Dec.2009 2+3+5
56 Define   pancytopenia. Enumerate common causes in children. How will you assess   severity of acquired aplastic anemia in children? Anemia Dec.11 2+3+5
57 Discuss   the etiology, pathogenesis & diagnostic workup of acute autoimmune   haemolytic anaemia. Haemolytic Dec.10 3+3+4
58 Outline   the method of extracting various blood components . What are the indications   of usage of Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) & cryoprecipitate? hemat Dec.2009 5+5
59 Define   pancytopenia. Enlist the causes & assessment of severity of aplastic   anaemia in children. Hemat June.10 2+4+4
60 Describe   the function of spleen. Describe clinical manifestations & management of   asplenia/polysplenia. hemat June.10 4+3+3
61 Enlist   the red blood cell metabolic enzyme pathways & the enzymes responsible   for haemolysis. Discuss the pathogenesis involved in these haemolytic   anemias. Hemolysis June.11 3+7
62 A   10 year old boy with hemophilia A, weighing 30 kg has come with bleeding in   both knee joints. Discuss briefly the specific, supportive & prophylactic   management of this child. hemophilia June.11 4+3+3
63 Write   in brief regarding the etiology & management of idiopathic   thrombocytopenic purpura. (ITP) ITP June.11 4+6

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