Behavioural DNB Theory Questions

25 March 2012, 11:41

Dr. Tushar Maniar


The Theory questions asked in DNB board exams – Behavioural / Growth & development Topics are included in this post.

1 Define child abuse. Describe in brief the factors responsible for child abuse. Outline management of a child who is suspected of being abused. behavioural June.11 2+3+5
2 Describe: (a) Factors affecting child development. (b) Development screening tests available & suitable for use in Indian children behavioural Dec.2009 5+5
3 Describe the aetiology, clinical manifestations & management of autistic spectrum disorders in children. behavioural Dec.2009 2+3+5
4 what is development delay? Describe different tools used for screening of development delay. behavioural Dec.11 3+7
5 Define child abuse & neglect. Discuss various clinical manifestations, diagnostic work up & management of physical abuse. behavioural Dec.11 2+3+2+3
6 Discuss briefly the diagnostic features & management of Pervasive development disorders / Autistic Spectrum Disorders. behavioural Dec.11 4+6
7 Discuss evaluation & management of an 8 year old male with primary nocturnal enuresis. behavioural Dec.10 4+6
8 Discuss the normal physiology of puberty and its relation to sexual development. Adolescent growth and development 2009
9 outline the basic principles of sleep hygine for children and adolescents. Sleep growth and development 2009
10 Define delayed pubery in a male childe. List the possible causes. Describe changes in male genitals in different stages of sexual maturation. Adolescent growth and development 2008
11 What is nocurnal enuresis? Outline the causes for the same. Describe the modalities for managing a 6 year old child with enuresis. Enuresis growth and development 2008
12 Problems of adolescence Adolescent growth and development 2007
13 Discuss briefly adolescent health problems Adolescent growth and development 2007
14 Autistic disoder autism growth and development 2007
15 Autistic spectrum disorders autism growth and development 2007
16 SN Management of nocturnal Enuresis Enuresis growth and development 2007
17 SN pica HABIT growth and development 2007
18 habit disoders in children HABIT psychiatry 2007
19 Bone age assessment and its usefullness Misc growth and development 2007
20 review the etiology and management of adolescent acne. What are the psycological complications in children? Adolescent growth and dev. 2006
21 Etiolgy, clinical manifestations and treatment of autistic disorder autism growth and dev. 2006
22 rumination Misc growth and dev. 2006
23 the clinical significance of postural reflexes Misc growth and dev. 2006
24 childhood depression Psychiatry growth and dev. 2006
25 Juvenile Deinquency Psychiatry psychiatry 2006
26 Resistant Rickets Rickets growth and dev. 2006
27 SN attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD growth and dev. 2005
28 What are vegetative disorders? Discuss the management of child with injuries Misc growth and dev. 2005
29 SN juvenile delinquency Adolescent growth and dev. 2002
30 SN Enumerate causes and approach to preschool child with developmental disorder. Misc growth and dev. 2002
31 SN Approach to a child with delayed speech Speech growth and dev. 2002
32 SN sex maturity rating Adolescent growth and dev. 2001
33 SN nocturnal enuresis Enuresis growth and dev. 2001
34 SN importance of bone assessment in children Misc growth and dev. 2000
35 SN Health education of adolescent girls Adolescent growth and dev. 1999
36 SN Juvenile delinquency. Adolescent growth and dev. 1999
37 SN encoparesis. Enuresis growth and dev. 1999
38 SN Sleep disorders in children Sleep growth and dev. 1999
39 eneumerate the special health problems in adolescents Adolescent growth and dev. 1998
40 SN etiological factors in juvenile delinquency Adolescent growth and dev. 1998
41 SN breath holding spells HABIT growth and dev. 1998
42 SN management of conversion reactions Psychiatry growth and dev. 1998
43 SN attetion deficit disorders ADHD growth and dev. 1997
44 SN common behavior problems in children HABIT growth and dev. 1997
45 SN treatment of breath holding spells. HABIT growth and dev. 1997
46 SN what are the developmental disorders in preschool year? Discuss the management. Misc growth and dev. 1997
47 SN sex maturity rating in female adolescent Adolescent growth and dev. 1996
48 SN enuresis Enuresis growth and dev. 1996
49 SN behaviour problems in children HABIT growth and dev. 1996
50 SN prevenatable and retreatable causes of mental retardation Lateral Thinking growth and dev. 1996
51 SN various clinical features that are likely to be associated with specific syndromes of mental retardaion. Misc growth and dev. 1996
52 SN – Attention deficit hyper activity disorder ADHD growth and dev. 1995
53 SN – food fussiness in children HABIT growth and dev. 1995
54 SN velocity and cross section standards as applied to human growth Lateral Thinking growth and dev. 1995

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