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19 September 2012, 15:08

Dr. Tushar Maniar


Endocrine - DNB Theory Questions

Endocrine – DNB Theory Questions









These are Questions on Cardiology asked in DNB Theory Exams. They are arranged topic wise till 2011

1 SN management   of adrenogenital syndrome adrenal endocrinology 1996
2 Discuss   the approach to diagnosis in a 2 year old chills with ambiguous genitalia adrenal endocrinology 2001
3 Discuss   the evaluation of a newborn with ambiguous genitalia adrenal endocrinology 2001
4 SN  congenital adrenal hyperplasia adrenal endocrinology 2001
5 SN   female child with ambiguous genitalia at birth adrenal endocrinology 2002
6 causes   of adrenal crisis and discuss its management adrenal endocrinology 2006
7 Diagnosis   and management of CAH adrenal endocrinology 2006
8 discuss   approach to a child with ambiguious genitalia adrenal endocrinology 2006
9 Discuss   karyotype abnormalites clinical features and management of true   hermaphrodoitism. adrenal endocrinology 2008
10 Enumerate   the cause of acute adrenal crisis. Provide key features of clinical   presentation and discuss its management. adrenal endocrinology 2008
11 A   1 1/2 year old female is brought to you with obesity, short stature,   hypertension, and hypertrichosis of face and trunk. Provide differential   diagnosis and approach to investigating and managing this child. adrenal endocrinology 2009
12 SN  management of diabetic ketoacidosis Diabetes endocrinology 1995
13 SN   complications of juvenile diabetes mellitus and its management Diabetes endocrinology 1997
14 Describe   briefly the biochemical changes and management of diabetic ketoacidosis Diabetes endocrinology 1998
15 how   will you assess a child presenting with the features of DI Diabetes endocrinology 2006
16 management   of child with  IDDM Diabetes endocrinology 2006
17 Write   risk factors, pathogenesis and treatment of type 2 Diabetes mellitus in   children Diabetes endocrinology 2007
18 4   year old child presents with poly dypsia, and plyuria. How will you establish   a diagnosis of DI in such case? Discuss the management. Diabetes endocrinology 2008
19 Classify   severity of diabetic ketoacidosis on the basis of clinical and blood gas   examination. Briefly describe Somogyi and Dawn phenomenon in type 1DM. Diabetes endocrinology 2008
20 Discuss   the metabolic changes associated with diabetic ketoacidosis with steps of   treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis Diabetes endocrinology 2008
21 a   10 year old child (wt 22kg) presents with severe diabetic ketoacidosis. Write   down the expected clinical and investigative findings. Outline the plan of   management in first 24 hours. Diabetes endocrinology 2009
22 SN   – endocrine problems that can be diagnosed on the first day of life misc endocrinology 1995
23 outline   human sex differentiation. Provide an outline of the approach to an infant   with ambiguous genitalia misc endocrinology 2004
24 What   is the sexual maturity rating, Discuss the secular trend in children misc endocrinology 2005
25 SN  tetany in children Rickets endocrinology 1996
26 SN   renal rickets Rickets endocrinology 1997
27 SN   resistant rickets Rickets endocrinology 2000
28 Diagnostic   approach to a child with resistant rickets Rickets endocrinology 2006
29 Describe   the calcium metabolism in a child. Detail the clinical manifestation,   diagnosis and treatment of a child with pseudohypoparathyroidism. Rickets endocrinology 2008
30 Discuss   the etiopathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment of   hypercalcemia Rickets endocrinology 2009
31 Outline   the calcium metabolism, discuss the causes and mangemen tof hypocalcemia in a   3 year old child. Rickets fluid and   electrolytes 2007
32 What   are the causes of nonutritional rickets. How will you manage such a child. Rickets endocriniology 2004
33 what   are the causes of Dwarfism how will you investigate such case Short Stature endocrinology 1997
34 SN   short stature in a school going child Short Stature endocrinology 2000
35 Define   short stature. Discuss the approach to a child with short stature and the   role of growth hormone in shoort staatured children Short Stature endocrinology 2005
36 Approach   to achild with short stature Short Stature endocrinology 2006
37 Approach   to a child with short stature Short Stature endocrinology 2007
38 Congenital   hyperthyroidism. Thyroid endocrinogly 2007
39 SN   – diagnosis of congenital hypothyroidism Thyroid endocrinology 1995
40 SN   – prevention of iodine deficiency Thyroid endocrinology 1995
41 SN   clinical features of cretinism in newborn babies Thyroid endocrinology 1997
42 SN   management of puberty goiter. Thyroid endocrinology 1998
43 SN   endemic cretinism Thyroid endocrinology 1999
44 SN   congenital hypothyroidism Thyroid endocrinology 2000
45 SN   etiopathology of congenital hypothyroidism Thyroid endocrinology 2000
46 Discuss   the pathogenesis of CCF and the role of vasodialators  in its management Thyroid endocrinology 2004
47 what   are the changes seen in Thyroid hormone levels around birth? Describe the   salient features of neontal thyroid screening programme. Thyroid endocrinology 2006
48 Differetiate   between the laboratory features of hypothyroidism, pseudohypoparathyroidism,   and hyperparathyroidism. Thyroid endocrinology 2008
49 Discuss   the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Outline the causes of congential   hypothyroidism and a brief comment on neonatal thyroid screening. Thyroid endocrinology 2009
50 Discuss   the causes, clinical features and management of acquired hypothyroidism Thyroid endocrinology 2007
51 Describe   the diagnostic approach in a 2 year old child with ambiguous genitalia. Ambi. Genitalia Dec.2009 10
52 Outline   the diagnostic approach to a 14 years old boy with infantile genitalia. Endo June.10 10
53 Diagnostic   approach for a child who presented with polyuria & polydipsia. endo June.10 10
54 Outline   the diagnostic criteria of diabetes insipidus. Discuss the management of   nephrogenic diabetes insipidus. Diabetes Dec.10 4+6
55 Describe   in brief the etiology, clinical features, diagnostic investigations &   management of congenital hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism June.11 2+2+3+3
56 Describe   normal sexual differentiation in fetus. What is intersex? Describe   etiological classification of Disorders of sex Development (DSD). Ambi Genitalia Dec.11 2+2+6
57 Enumerate   the hormones secreted by anterior pituitary & list the factors   stimulating & inhibiting secretion of growth hormone. GH Dec.10 3+7
58 What   are the biochemical criteria for the diagnosis of diabetic Ketoacidosis(DKA)/   What are the goals of therapy? How will you manage a child with DKA? diabetes Dec.11 3+3+4
59 Short   stature-definition, differential diagnosis & management approach. short stature June.10 2+3+5
60 Thyroid   hormone synthesis & its derangements. Thyroid June.10 6+4

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