Cardiolgy DNB Theory Questions

6 September 2012, 15:31

Dr. Tushar Maniar


Cardiolgy DNB  Theory Questions. These are Questions on Cardiology asked in DNB Theory Exams. They are arranged topic wise.


1 Enumerate the   causes & outline the characteristics & treatment of Superventricular   Tachycardia (SVT) in an infant. arrhythmia Dec.10
2 SN   Supraventricular tachycardia Arrythmia 2001
3 Describe   the etiopathogenesis of SVT in children. Discuss the diagnosis and management   of a child with SVT Arrythmia 2004
4 What   are the cuases, manifestations and management of a young child wit supra   ventricular tachycardia Arrythmia 2005
5 Classify   stable and unstable arrhythmias. Discuss the types of SVT with their ECG   changes.) outline the approach to manage unstable arrhythmia. Arrythmia 2008
6 Draw   an algorithm for managing pulseless ventricular tachycardia and Ventricular   fibrillations. Arrythmia 2008
7 Management   of Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) in preterm neonates. Cardio June.10
8 Classify   anti-arrhythmic drugs used in children. Describe the mechanism of action   & uses of amiodarone. Cardio June.10
9 Enumerate   common pathogens of infective endocarditis. List conditions/interventions   which require prophylaxis for infective endocarditis in a child with   underlying heart disease. Outline antibiotic therapy for a child with RHD   & infective endocarditis. Cardio June.11
10 define   septic shock. Describe etio-pathogenesis & clinical features in a 15   month old child presenting with septic shock. Cardio Dec.11
11 SN  Cardiomyopathy Cardiomyopathy 1995
12 Discuss   the aetiopathogenesis and management of primary cardiomyopathy Cardiomyopathy 1996
13 SN   Diagnosis of cardiomyopathy Cardiomyopathy 1996
14 Describe   briefly the pathophysiology of congestive cardiac failure and    management of refractory failure CCF 1998
15 Discuss   the approach to a child with acute congestive heart failure CCF 2000
16 Discuss   the pathogenesis of CCF and the role of vasodialators  in its management CCF 2006
17 Refractory   congestive heart failure ; causes and management CCF 2007
18 Discuss   the role of vasodialator therapy in CCF. Enumerate various vasodialtor agents   use in CCF and their respective mechanism of action. CCF 2008
19 Hemodynamics   and diagnosis of Ebsteins disease CHD 1995
20 How   do you classify congenital cyanotic heart diseases. Discuss their management CHD 1997
21 SN   Complications of Fallot’s tetrology and their management CHD 1999
22 Discuss   the various minimally surgical invasive devices and procedure available for   the management of common congenital heart disease in children. CHD 2007
23 Pathophysiolgy   ,  diagnosis and treatmen tof Eisen   menger syndrome. CHD 2007
24 List   the causes of CCF in a 2 year old child. Describe different types of VSD   according to position and size. Writeh indicators of surgical intervention/   device closure. CHD 2008
25 A   one year old child is referred for an asymptomatic cardiac murmur. Outline   the likely causes. Ow will you differentiate an innocent murmur from that of   a congenital heart disease, on clinical ground? CHD 2009
26 Pathogens,   clinical features & management of infective endocarditis. CVS June.10
27 Fetal   circulation & changes after birth. CVS June.10
28 Depict   diagrammatically fetal circulation. Highlight its unique features   differentiating it from neonatal circulation. Outline important changes   occurring at birth. CVS June.11
29  SN Pathophysiology of cyanotic spell. cyanotic spell 2002
30 What   are the congenital heart diseases associated with cyanotic spells. Write   clinical presentatio and management of cyanotic spell. cyanotic spell 2004
31 SN   – Investigations in a child with hypertension HT 1995
32 SN   Treatment of hypertenison HT 1996
33 Discuss   etiology, diagnosis, and management of childhood hypertension HT 2000
34 SN        Severe hypertension in infancy HT 2000
35 Discuss   the causes of hypertension in a 7 year old child, approach of investigation   and management of such a case HT 2002
36 Essential   hypertension in children HT 2007
37 Discuss   the treatment of hypertension in children. Classify the drugs used to treat   hypertension and briefly mention their mechanism of action. HT 2007
38 SN   use of corticosteroids in cardio respiratoy disorders in children Lateral Thinking 1997
39 Preventive   cardiology in adolescents Misc 2007
40 SN   Significance of second heart sound in clinical practice Misc. 1998
41 SN   Cardiovascular risk factors in children Misc. 1996
42 SN   Primary endocardial fibroelastosis Misc. 1998
43 Draw   a labeled diagram of foetal circulation . Indicate partial pressure of Oxygen   and oxygen saturation values at key points in this circulation. Misc. 2008
44 SN   Diagnosis and mangement of constrictive pericarditis Pericarditis 1999
45 SN   Treament of acute rheumatic carditis Rheumatic 1997
46 SN   Management of cardiogenic shock Shock 1996
47 Discuss   the pathophysiolgy of cardiogenic shock. How are the various hemodynamic   parameters affected in cardiogenic shock? Discuss steps in monitring and   treatment of cardiogenic shock. Shock 2008

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