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DNB pediatrics:

DNB Practical examination is held twice a year.
It is spread over three days. Students at each center are divided in two batches.

  • Day1:  Batch A ….Case presentation
    Day2:  OSCEs for BOTH……… Batch A and Batch B
    Day3:  Batch B……Case presentation

Practical Exam has two main components: 1. Case presentation 2. OSCEs
There are 2 long cases with 30 min to take a case and 30 min of viva for each. There are 2 examiners for each case.
Case evaluation is usually divided in
Main history
Development History
Finding Accuracy
Demonstration of Signs (You will be asked to demonstrate at least 1 clinical sign pertaining to your case, so be prepared.)
Overall Fluency / Confidence:
OSCEs are the same in all the centres and are held on the same day at the same time for the whole batch throughout India.
There are Approx. 30 OSCEs including rest stations each for 5 minutes. There is a paper and drop box at each table. After the bell rings, before you leave your OSCE table, you have to drop your answer sheet into the drop box. So, remember your roll number as you have to write it on each table. Don’t think of the previous OSCEs on the rest stations, it can get annoying and you can’t do anything about it. Make sure to keep talking at the observed OSCEs. Attempt all the OSCEs, as very few OSCEs ( NRP) has negative marking.
Remember you have already achieved great success by passing your theory exam, so do not worry. Consider this as any other exam of the innumerable exams you have given so far.
At the end of the OSCE exam, the examiners ask for your opinion about them. Go ahead and voice your opinion if you feel some question was wrong.
Batch with Roll no
Hall ticket
Growth charts
BP charts

Keys ( for plantars)
Measuring tape
Cotton wisp
Fundoscope ( Optional, as they keep it)
Red and yellow bangles or toys
Sugar, Salt  (for checking taste)
Eucalyptus, coffee (for smell)
Soft toys, chocolates( for kids and Yourself..)
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