In the exam hall

27 August 2011, 12:03



This page is written By Dr Aditi Shah,

Recently gone thro’ the grind called DNB pediatrics Practical exam…… successfully..

In the exam hall….

Reach your hotel 1 day before your exam.

Avoid carrying too many books. Travel light.

Try and visit your exam centre the previous day so that you know where to reach the next day and there is no stress finding the place.

Lunch is provided in the exam hall.

Cases are distributed generally by numbers. When told, pl go to the same bed number corresponding to the case number given to you.

Start with the case taking immediately.

It is a good idea to take anthropometry and vitals while asking the history.

Finish by 20 min and write only relevant points on your answer sheet. Try and keep revising your case while you wait for your turn to go for viva.

Ask for a female attendant / translator / screen to cover as the situation may be.

DO NOT forget to undress the patient (with due care) when reqd.  SMR / Resp Exam / Genital etc.

Do not make any mistake when you give summary after history is over and the final diagnosis after examination is over.

Keep templates ready for summary and diagnosis for common cases while you are preparing for the exam.

When asked to demonstrate any sign, talk to the patient or his mother. Ask for a female attendant if necessary.

After the case is over, take the patient back to his bed.



After your 1st viva is over, you will be taken to your next case.

Start with a fresh mind. Do not worry about your viva. Remember you cannot know everything, but stick to your point when sure, even if the examiner tries to divert you away. (Be Polite not dogmatic)

OSCEs start at around 10 am, but you have to reach your centre at 8.30. Its worthwhile carrying some book to read to the exam hall as there is some time before students are called in.

No mobiles or pagers are allowed strictly. Sometimes carrying calculators is not allowed inside the OSCE room. Calculators if required on a particular OSCE table, will be provided.

Attempt all OSCEs.





  1. ajay agade September 28, 2011 Reply

    thanks for ur guidence

  2. sanjukta October 5, 2012 Reply

    thanks a lot.... the very thought of going for the exam was stressful.. this makes me feel better...

  3. Vishwanath H N June 19, 2013 Reply

    Thank you very much for your guidance ,I am very much confused about OSCE, how to prepare for it? is Nelson is enough? or i have to refer any other book? kindly reply.

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