Nanavati OSCE CME March 2015

31 March 2015, 23:04

Dr. Tushar Maniar


Click here for  OSCEs of Nanavati Hospital PG CME March 2015

These are 20 OSCEs from PG CME of Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai by Dr S. Prabhu and Dr Tushar Maniar. This is a FREE educational activity. These  can be seen on computer, Tab( iPad/iPhone and android) and Smartphone as well.
Click here for  OSCEs of Nanavati Hospital PG CME March 2015 for iPad, iPhone, Android use as well. Please be patient, takes time to load.


  1. Dr. Vinay Patil September 10, 2015 Reply

    Respected sir,
    I heartly appreciate and thanks for the efforts taken to prepare this OSCE, but there is no 'download' option available here which makes it available to those who have permanent internet connectivity. so I am unable to benefit from it and I am very much dishearted because of it.
    I request you to make it downladable to everyone.
    thank you.
    Dr. Vinay Patil.

    • Dr. Tushar Maniar March 9, 2016 Reply

      Dear Dr Vinay Patil,
      Thank you for your interest and comments.
      We have kept it free and available to all. That is the reason to choose web over book.
      Best wishes

  2. Dr Poorna Shetti February 24, 2016 Reply

    Please send the Slideshow ppt presentation to my email address.

    Poorna Shetti

  3. devendra singhal July 5, 2016 Reply

    is there any plan to start osce quiz like mcq quiz, please do if possible

    devendra singhal

    • Dr. Tushar Maniar August 10, 2016 Reply

      Hi Devendra Singhal,
      I am working on a way for automatic assessment of OSCEs.
      MCQs can be auto corrected by the software that we have purchased. Though not the OSCEs in the current form.
      We will start ONLINE OSCE where students have the chance of attempting doing a LMS
      Thank you for your post.

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